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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: May 8 game chat and preview

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Post titles I considered for tonight: Capital gains tax; Home on the range; and Duck Flambé. But none of them felt right so you just get this plain one.

Ovechkin won first prize at a blueberry pie bakeoff
Ovechkin won first prize at a blueberry pie bakeoff
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Capitals @ Rangers


The Caps can close out this series tonight. There are a lot of people who want to see Ovi finally hoist the cup and I find myself warming to the idea, though I would still prefer Tampa.

It's that point far enough along in the playoffs where no one is really doing formal previews anymore, and anyway, Rangers fans have apparently given up, and are blaming Alain Vigneualt for everything.

The Season Is Over

Rangers Vs. Capitals: This One Is On The Coach

Yikes, talk about negativity. Not like I can blame them.

At least they are realistic, unlike the delusional Habs fans.

Meanwhile the Caps fans are trying to figure out what worked and what didn't in the last game. You don't need to know much about hockey to know what is working for them.

You can find more Backwards Slapshot cartoons here.

So Barry Trotz sure knows what's up!

I prefer "Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield." But whatever works.


They were actually pointing at his NHL contract.

Ducks @ Flames

9:30 PM EST, NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports

This series is a game behind all the others, with the Ducks up two games to one over the Flames. There won't be any possible elimination tonight, but I'm sure the Flames would really like to head in to the next game in Anaheim with series even and not on the brink.

The Ducks spent their day off yesterday in Banff, playing kickball or something, but are ready to go back at it tonight, with a moderate shakeup of the lines. Tomas Fleischmann is back in for the first time this series and will play on the third line, bumping Palmieri to the fourth and Emerson Etem to the press box.

The Flames may make changes too.

Calgarians can't get enough of the playoffs and have pushed median resale ticket prices up to almost $500. This means the next time Leafs get to the second round they will be $5,000 or something, right?

Matchsticks and Gasoline preview here.

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