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2015 NHL Draft: Leafs reportedly debating between Marner and Hanifin

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James Mirtle is reporting that Marner has the edge, but it's close.

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly rank Mitch Marner third, Noah Hanifin fourth and Dylan Strome fifth ahead of the 2015 NHL Draft, according to The Globe and Mail's James Mirtle, formerly of SB Nation.

Mirtle reports the Leafs list looks something like this:

The Leafs’ list

1. Connor McDavid

2. Jack Eichel

3. Mitch Marner

4. Noah Hanifin

5. Dylan Strome

As has been previously reported, the Leafs also like defensemen Ivan Provorov, centre Mathew Barzal and forward Mikko Rantanen.

Read Mirtle's full story on the internal debate that's been ongoing over Boston College's Hanifin and London's Marner.