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2015 NHL Draft, Day 1: Open thread

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Everything is happening!

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's 2015 NHL Draft Tracker

Wow, it's been a pretty wild day, and the draft proper hasn't even started yet! NHL GMs seem to have collectively lost their ability to think rationally, and we've seen a number of lop-sided trades already. The Leafs have stayed out of the action thus far, but there's been significant trade buzz surrounding the team in the past few weeks.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out Scott's draft recap to read up on some of the talent available in the first round. Leafs (currently) have the 4th and 24th picks, though there's been talk of the team trading down from 24th overall.

Hang out here as we watch the first round of the draft and finally put the Strome vs. Marner vs. Hanifin debate to rest.

Oh, and be sure to follow PPP contributor Achariya (@tanyarezak) on twitter for live coverage from the draft.

How to Watch

The draft starts at 7:00 PM EST.

Canada: Sportsnet
USA: NBCSN, streaming on NBC Live Extra

You can also follow along live on SBNation, via the banner above.

Draft Order

  1. Edmonton
  2. Buffalo
  3. Arizona
  4. Toronto
  5. Carolina
  6. New Jersey
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Columbus
  9. San Jose
  10. Colorado
  11. Florida
  12. Dallas
  13. Los Angeles → Boston
  14. Boston
  15. Calgary → Boston
  16. Pittsburgh → Edmonton
  17. Winnipeg
  18. Ottawa
  19. Detroit
  20. Minnesota
  21. NY Islanders → Buffalo → Ottawa
  22. Washington
  23. Vancouver
  24. Nashville → Toronto
  25. St. Louis → Buffalo → Winnipeg
  26. Montreal
  27. Anaheim
  28. NY Rangers → Tampa Bay
  29. Tampa Bay → Philadelphia
  30. Chicago → Arizona
Rounds 2-7 start at 10 AM tomorrow.