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From the Branches: Thirty-two teams across eight divisions?

How should a thirty-two team league be set up?

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I don't care, Gary. Just fix it so we win the Stanley Cup the first year.
I don't care, Gary. Just fix it so we win the Stanley Cup the first year.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to TSN, Brendan Shanahan is supposed to be deposed today in the matter of the NHL Players Concussion lawsuit, since he was the head of player safety at that time. Whatever happens, he will probably not comment on it. Bettman will be deposed July 31.


As the expansion process rolls on, some are wondering how the league will acclimate to another team in the east. I don't see anything stopping them from just blowing up the current system entirely.

Duhatschek: NHL expansion process separates real bidders from wannabes - The Globe and Mail
Duahtschek wonders if the league will move to an NFL style '8 divisions with four teams each'. This could allow for two all Canadian divisions which is a popular idea for some hockey nationalists.

$2M fee scares off NHL expansion bidders in Seattle - TSN

NHL gets real dang snarky with expansion groups that missed deadline - Broad Street Hockey
I think the NHL is miffed that a bunch of investors basically told them to take their $500M expansion fee and FOAD.

The Cody Franson Sweepstakes

Could the Flames still be in on Cody Franson? - Matchsticks and Gasoline
The Flames have already majorly upgraded their defence by adding Dougie Hamilton, but there's always room for improvement: and a top four defenceman is still available in the open market.

Will Today bring us Cody Franson? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Cody Franson was on TSN 1040 yesterday, talking about where he is, still a free agent. He mentioned that Boston was one of the teams he was talking to, and that he's sick and tired of one-year deals.

Cody Franson on possible return to Toronto: "I’m still hopeful that’s a possibility"

Other news

Steve Briere, new Toronto Maple Leafs goalie coach, latest disciple of Korn to reach NHL -
No. Not that Korn.

Do the Oilers understand the Salary Cap and Reserve List at all? - The Copper & Blue
With the closing of the second buyout window, I am really left scratching my head about the Oilers decision making around the cap, and with it the reserve list.

There's No Need to Panic About Braden Holtby... Yet - Japers' Rink
His arbitration hearing is tomorrow.

Three weeks have passed since NHL free agency opened and Patrick Kaleta is still looking for work. - BN Hockey

Korean hockey players attend Stars' camp | FOX Sports
"My elementary teacher used to be a hockey manager," Park said. "I used to get in fights all the time in elementary school, so my elementary school teacher was like, 'If you're going to get in fights, just play hockey.' That's how I got started."

Silver Seven 25th Anniversary Logo Contest Finalists - Silver Seven
Be kind. They didn't have much to work with here.