New Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello thanks Devils fans with full-page ad


The Toronto Maple Leafs hire good, classy people.

It's been a big offseason for Toronto, and their moves have greatly impacted other NHL franchises. First, of course, was hiring longtime Detroit Red Wing coach Mike Babcock. Babcock responded with excitement to join Toronto, but still took the time to give Detroit fans a heartfelt goodbye.

The same is now true for the Leafs' new GM, Lou Lamoriello. Lamoriello spent nearly three decades with the New Jersey Devils, so it wouldn't be right if he left without saying goodbye.

That's exactly what he did in a full-page newspaper ad: thankful for his time with the Devils, proud of what he accomplished, and wishing them well as he moves on to his next challenge.

It's good to give closure. Now, onwards, to rebuilding the Leafs.