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Report: Dave Morrison is now Director of Pro Scouting

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Update 2: Toronto Sun reporter Lance Hornby is reporting that Dave Morrison has been re-assigned and is now the Director of Pro Scouting.

This news finally puts an end to the Dave Morrison saga which started when Gare Joyce reported that Morrison was fired late on Friday.

Morrison has been the head scout for the team since 2006. He was one of just a handful of scouts who survived the team's scouting purge in April when the team fired 18 members of a bloated scouting staff.

When the news first broke, many (including myself) were worried about the role that Lou Lamoriello had in the decision. The lateral move, while strange, isn't as concerning as it would have been, were Morrison fired as first reported.

What happens next is important, too. The move opens up the Director of Amateur Scouting position. Does Mark Hunter take over the reigns? He did a very good job at the draft in June and would seem like an excellent candidate to take over.

The other option, however, is less encouraging. The Devils fired longtime Vice President of Hockey Operations and Director of Scouting David Conte earlier this month. The decision was made by new General Manager Ray Shero and not Lou Lamoriello. This is a problem because the Devils have had a mediocre-at-best drafting record in recent years and re-assigning Morrison to make room for Conte would be a step backwards for this club.