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From the Branches: Day two of Lou

Deals, agreements, and attempting to make sense of this Lou Lamoriello thing.

"wait, who did we hire?"
"wait, who did we hire?"
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So Your New GM Is Lou Lamoriello

This was so out of left field that it's still hard to process, much less try to figure out what this means for the direction of the Leafs. Shanahan, Dubas, and company have made plenty of smart decisions this summer, and they seem to be taking the team in a new direction. But Lamoriello is as old-school as they come. So how do the two things fit together?

Why Lou Lamoriello makes sense for the Toronto Maple Leafs | theScore

Jason Bourne's take on the Lamoriello hire. This is what I hope is happening - the idea of an older mentor-type to groom Dubas to take over the GM role in the future sounds like a great one. But I'm nervous that this will be another scenario where old-school thinking holds the Leafs back from making good decisions.

Friday Mashup: Sweet Lou | Maple Leafs Hotstove

This take is also quite optimistic. I want to be optimistic too, but I think we'll have to wait and see how actual decisions are made with this new management structure, and what those decisions are. Does Lamoriello insist on hiring some of his own guys? Is he the one driving trades and signings? The answers to these questions will be critical.

Report: Leafs may have fired Director of Amateur Scouting Dave Morrison | PPP

New Leafs goalie coach Steve Briere part of organizational shift | PPP

PPP interview: Solar Bears head coach Anthony Noreen

Kyle Dubas discusses prospect development philosophy | PPP


Capitals Re-Sign Braden Holtby - Japers' Rink

5 years, $30.5 million. Seems fairly reasonable for someone of Holtby's caliber, although goalie contracts are always something of a toss-up. Makes me wonder what Bernier is asking for, and what kind of contract he'll end up getting.

The Canadiens have signed Alex Semin to a one-year deal - Eyes On The Prize

This is a smart, low-risk move (the deal is only for $1.1 million) and the Habs get a player who's quite good and probably doesn't deserve the criticism he gets. Why do the Habs have to make smart moves?

Coyotes vs. Glendale

Glendale City Council votes to pass 2-year lease management agreement with Coyotes | theScore

Hopefully this will end the drama between the Coyotes and the city of Glendale. Or at least postpone it. Deals, agreements, and attempting to make sense of this Lou Lamoriello thing.