Former Leaf Sergei Berezin arrested for Medicaid fraud


File this one under "... wait, what?"

Once upon a time, from 1996-2001, Sergei Berezin was a forward on the Leafs. He wasn't a bad one, either - dude almost had a 40-goal season once.

Flash forward to today, where the Russian native is apparently in Florida, with his wife, defrauding Medicaid and buying food stamps they're ineligible for.

It seems he's still making money - $100,000, according to him - in part by training hockey players, so he hasn't totally left the game.

He's also apparently responsible for the Medicaid Program being billed more $67,000, which is, of course, not particularly good.

That's... probably not something you dream of happening in your future when you're playing in the NHL.