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From the Branches: Let's Make A Deal

Negotiations, contracts, and more.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Bernier's Arbitration Hearing

Fair or Foul: Making the case for the Maple Leafs, Jonathan Bernier in arbitration | theScore

The hearing is scheduled for this morning. This will be the 7th arbitration case to go to hearing this year - an unusually high number, as most of the arbitration cases in previous years were resolved before it ever got to a hearing. Given the huge difference between Bernier's ask and the Maple Leafs' offer, it's not really a surprise to me that this case is going to a hearing. I'm inclined to side with the Leafs in this one - Bernier's put up decent numbers, but I'm not convinced he's $3 million better than Reimer. Since the team is in flux and the two are essentially the same goalie, better to pay them both like the 1A/1B they've supposedly been and see if one or the other emerges as significantly better. But we'll see what the hearing brings.

Guys Getting Paid

Alex Galchenyuk inks two-year, $5.6 million bridge deal with Canadiens | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Galchenyuk has been great for the Habs, so this seems like a smart deal. Unless he pulls a Subban and becomes so incredible they have to shell out the extra money down the road. Hey, it could happen.

Jakub Voracek signs 8-year, $66 million contract with Flyers - Broad Street Hockey

Jakub Voracek now makes more money than Phil Kessel. It seems like an overpayment to me, both in years and money, but Flyers fans seem happy about it, so maybe there's some logic here I'm not seeing.

NHL Concussion Lawsuit

Report: Bettman to be deposed in concussion lawsuit against the NHL | theScore

I know you probably can't boo someone as they give a deposition, but man do I hope somebody tries. It's a good thing that Bettman didn't get to wiggle out of this - as commissioner, he needs to own up to whatever role he's played in how players with concussions are treated.

Lou Lamoriello

Lou’s Method | The Players' Tribune

This is a fascinating article, like most everything from the Player's Tribune. It's especially fascinating because it paints Lamoriello as an old-school, lunch-pail hockey guy - the complete opposite of guys like Dubas and Hunter. It's possible that he's changed since then (and that the author's impression of Lamoriello is colored by his own love for old-time hockey), but this just makes me more confused about what Lamoriello's doing in the front office. Negotiations, contracts, and more.