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From The Branches: Duck, duck, Nonis

Dave Nonis has been hired as the Ducks' special assignment scout and consultant.

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I don't know if you've been over to Anaheim Calling lately, but the big news there has a familiar face. They've rightly identified the hiring of Nonis as a move that simply shuffles around the Good Old Boy's network, and in the words of one glum Ducks fan, "Dumb people hire other dumb people. Who thinks he ends up taking bobs spot once he is eventually fired?"

And here's another, important question posed by Ducks fans: "Sod hired his eventual replacement, my only question is what to call him?" "I kind of like son of sod."

If you want, you can go leave your condolences in this thread.

Also, Leafs prospect camp starts on Tuesday and I'm excited! Two Solar Bears join the ranks, Patrick Watling and Brady Vail, and while I hope I see them again in Orlando, I also hope I don't, if you comprehend me. (I also noticed that Solar Bear Brett Findlay signed with the Marlies, but is not going to prospect camp, and neither is Garret Sparks. I guess those two are no longer considered prospects.)

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