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From The Branches: Kadri's $4.1M year

Nazem Kadri and the Maple Leafs have agreed on a one year contract worth $4.1 million.

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Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Of course the team that I rooted for yesterday ended up going all the way EXCEPT FOR the championship match. Congrats to the USA, though, and I hope Japan rises to become even stronger next time. I guess rooting for the obvious choice is boring? On to the rest of the things...

Weekend recap:

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(This article is getting infamous and cited on other sites, like Dobber Hockey.)

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And more news:

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Chronicles of Stanley: Players' days start, Scott Darling and dad get inked | Puck Daddy

Prior to Lord Stanley's arrival, Darling went to Michael Figueroa at Spider Tattooz to get a large black and white tattoo commemorating the win. Also included in the drawing of the Cup and the Chicago skyline is a 'CR' in honor of the Blackhawks late assistant equipment manager Clint Rief who passed away during the season.

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[T]he odds haven’t kept Andrei Kostitsyn from clamouring for an opportunity to return to the NHL. He isn’t picky about where it happens. He’s willing to sign a cap-friendly, one-year deal. All he’s really asking for is a chance.

NHL’s first Chinese draft pick represents hope for growth | Globe and Mail

Hockey has now swelled to more than 2,000 players in [Beijing], amid a nationwide arena-building binge that has made the smack of a puck an increasingly familiar sound in China. But Mr. Song’s drafting echoes louder than any slap shot, stirring excitement for a sport that sees in China major potential for growth.

NHL concussion protocol puts players at risk | Chicago Tribune

When it comes to handling concussions, the NHL is miles behind the NFL — hardly the model on the issue. In the NFL, there is an independent injury spotter in the press box at every game, looking out for head injuries. If a spotter suspects one, he or she informs the team doctor and athletic trainers, who examine the player with an independent doctor present.
Want to train like an NHLer? Beat the @#$% out of your body first | The Hockey News
“I’ve been training guys now for 16 years, and I’ve yet to have a guy that’s come to me and said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready to go, 100 percent, no problems,’ – that doesn’t happen,” said Prentiss, whose clients include Jonathan Quick, Max Pacioretty and James van Riemsdyk. “They’re what I call ‘skinny fat,’ weak, toxic and injured – that’s pretty much what you’re getting. And the more minutes they play and the further they go in the playoffs, the worse they are.”