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Keith Olbermann rips Steve Simmons (again)

For the second time in less than a week, Simmons makes Olbermann's Worst Person in the World segment. This time, PPP gets a mention.

Steve Simmons now has a bronze "Worst Person in the World" trophy to go along with his gold, earned last Thursday. I bet they're going to look great along side his 2013 Mittenstringer of the Year award.

In case you missed the news late last week, Simmons earned "Worst Person of the World" honours after publishing a column blaming the Leafs' lack of success in recent years on Phil Kessel's love of hot dogs. The problem? Kessel doesn't appear to live where Simmons says he does.

Best of all, Olbermann references our sleuthing in his segment, where we point out that the facts in Simmons' piece are factually inaccurate. Like Olbermann, we at PPP are eagerly awaiting a response from the Toronto Sun concerning Simmons' poorly researched hack job.

Give the segment a listen (and maybe ignore the part where Olbermann calls Kessel an "underwhelming forward").