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From The Branches: Clune makes news

Rich Clune is everywhere this week after his Player's Tribune article.

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Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

You know those days when El Seldo is on vacation and sleeps through the FTB? There are also days when Species spends one too many nights down in the basement and is so worn out he can't drag himself to the computer. Luckily I'm here to gently poke fun at them! But on to the news.

In Case You Missed It

Keith Olbermann rips Steve Simmons (again) | PPP

Olbermann called out the Toronto Sun after reading relevant bits of our article (and hey, our site name) on air. I like how ESPN used the Google map graphic we created and added animated pull-out sections to really drive home the point. It's cool to see our story grow legs.

Rich Clune

The Next Chapter in Clune's Hockey Career |

"It was just one of those things where you just do it and I’m almost always brutally honest about myself. I’m sure all the people around me who know me know that I don’t hide much," Clune said. "And I also felt that if you tell the truth you can’t go wrong."

Rich Clune and the addiction of hockey culture | Puck Daddy

The Battle | The Player's Tribune

Rich Clune Will Attend Maple Leafs Camp | THW

Marlies sign Rich Clune | PPP

Other Stuff

NHL grapples with death of the bridge contract as young stars get paid | Mirtle

For the first time in the NHL, it appears the attention has shifted toward where the really valuable players are: restricted free agency. Ten years into a salary cap world, GMs unhappy with the quality of UFAs available have finally begun to view offer sheets as a useful tool to pry players away from their teams.

McDavid scores five goals in Oilers scrimmage |

"If I make the team and I'm part of the team next year, then being with those guys will be great," McDavid said.

Coyotes sign Dylan Strome to entry-level contract | KPHO

Philadelphia signs ’15 first rounder Provorov | Prohockeytalk

First step in NHL expansion process underway | TSN

The NHL began distribution of application materials for parties interested in expansion on Monday. They are due back to the league by August 10. The fee to apply for an expansion franchise is seven figures - north of $1 million U.S. - and only a portion is refundable.

Drugs, Alcohol and Depression in the NHL | McGill Daily

The NHL needs to find another way to deal with this issue across the entire league, because money isn’t the only thing players and their families care about when they are suffering from mental illnesses.

Tyler Seguin Bares it All for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue | Defending Big D(uck)

There are some interesting discussions in this WORKSAFE article about objectifying athletes. One man posed the question, why is this different from men oggling women? Is there now a double standard that allows women to stare at men all they want, while men shouldn't? A very smart person answered him that oggling athletes is fine as long as a discussion of attractiveness has no bearing on the discussion of how athletes do their jobs. Well said.