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From the Branches: Crickets

Not much going on in Leaf land today.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone. I'm slightly tipsy and there's a fly buzzing around me, so you're stuck with an unimaginative title and a brief FTB, not that there's much going on anyway. (edit: clearly alcohol makes me more chatty and not less. whoops) It's day three of Leafs rookie camp, so keep an eye out for coverage of that over here. Not much else going on in Leaf land right now.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the radio hit Steve Simmons did yesterday, where he finally commented on his erroneous hot dog story. He really didn't say much. He pinned the errors on his "trustworthy source" and stood by his attempt to take one last shot at Phil Kessel's character. Anyway, I think I've wasted enough time on Steve Simmons and his shoddy journalism, so that's it for me.

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The team’s 57 prospects did on-ice and off-ice drills in this resort town before heading off for an afternoon of paintball. Babcock — who planned to skip the paintball — is taking in the camp to try to get to know some of the younger players while also passing on some advice.

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