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From the Branches: #KnightWatch

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Hey everyone! Happy Friday. Here are some links.

Leafs Links

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: #17 Taylor Beck | Pension Plan Puppets

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: #18 Nikita Soshnikov | Pension Plan Puppets

Keep busy by checking out our two most recent Top 25 Under 25 instalments before #17 drops later this morning!

Other news:

Hilary Knight, Other Olympians leave CWHL for NWHL | Watch This Hockey

Whoomp, there it is. Hilary Knight, Kacey Bellamy, Brianna Decker, Gigi Marvin, and Meghan Duggan leave the Boston Blades for the NWHL. For those of you not keeping track at home, this is what last year's Clarkson Cup winning roster looks like right now, the highlighted players have signed with the NWHL:

blades roster

Yeah. Doesn't look good. The worst part? There are still six NWHL players who haven't been announced yet, so the Blades could be losing even more players.

A Kinder, Gentler, Defense | St. Louis Game Time

A look back at the Florida Panthers and the 1993 Expansion Draft - Goaltenders | Litter Box Cats

Who doesn't love expansion draft talk? Litter Box Cats looks back to the 1993 expansion draft, starting with the goalies.

More Ho-Sang gif goodness from BioSteel Camp | Lighthouse Hockey

I was planning on writing "For you, Achariya," before it became clear that you were the one who sent these gifs in. Oh well.

Zeitgeist: Adidas already preparing for 2017 NHL Advertiser Draft | Lighthouse Hockey

To Cody Franson, A letter from the #FransonWatch Front | Stanley Cup of Chowder

#KnightWatch may be over but #FransonWatch is still chugging along.

Former BSH writer Eric Tulsky hired full-time by Carolina Hurricanes | Broad Street Hockey

Eric Tulsky joins the Canes full time. Great hire.

Gotta Burn It To Build It? | Nucks Misconduct

Take it away, Burkie:

Do the Detroit Red Wings have 11 or 12 Stanley Cups? | Winging It In Motown

Read a bit more about Red Wings history.