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Leo Komarov fined €35,600 for speeding

Finnish prosecutors didn't buy Komarov's claim to have zero income.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

As reported by Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomatt, and translated with the assistance of Google, Leo Komarov appeared in court in Finland this morning to address two speeding fines and the circumstances of his reported income at the time they were issued.

Komarov was caught speeding twice in the summer of 2014: the first time he was clocked at 77kp/h in a 50kp/h zone, and the second time he was monitored going 131kp/h in a 100kp/h zone.

The big question was about his income. As we previously noted, traffic fines in Finland are based on your income. While Komarov admitted he was a professional hockey player, he ultimately reported an income of "€0.00" Komarov reportedly claimed it was technically correct to say his income was zero as players don't receive pay through the summer.

The prosecutor pointed out that both speeding incidents happened after Komarov signed a four year contract with a US$2.95M AAV in July.

While we have not been able to determine if Judge Judy was presiding, we imagine if she were, this would have been the reaction.

The judge agreed that claiming to have zero income via the technicality that he does not receive a paycheque in the off-season was deliberately misleading. The judge hit Komarov with a big check to his chequebook: €35,600.