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PPProject: Maple Leafs A-Z

Homework? But it's August!

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Today our own phylliskessel13 knocked her Puck Daddy A-Z out of the park. Great job to PPP contributors achariya and arii on theirs as well, if for slightly inferior teams in the great hockey team pecking order.

And now, as we've done other times PPP contributed to a summer Puck Daddy project, like the hockey Mount Rushmore, we are asking you, the community members, to help us create summer content* by making a fanpost with your very own Maple Leafs A-Z.

Paragraphs on each letter aren't necessary, whatever you want to do is A-OK.

Write your own fanpost and then link it in the comments below. Good luck, and have fun!

*By doing so you agree that we will use YOUR content to bring in that sweet sweet ad money we get from clicks. Our Bentley's need to be re-upholstered with soft luxurious dolphin, so make sure to make it a good one, eh?

Below is a taste of what PK13 did to inspire you.

A. Air Canada Centre

The Leafs began disappointing their home fans early, with their first ever game on November 12, 1931 in Maple Leaf Gardens ending with a 2-1 loss to Chicago (although the team was established in 1917). Following an emotional ceremony during the last game at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1999, which they naturally bookended with yet another loss to Chicago, the Air Canada Centre became the Leafs’ new home.

Since the Leafs have had no reason to raise any banners for some time, the Leafs ownership group Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment decided to raise a permanent banner to honour New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi instead.

I would love to say that I’m kidding, but sadly, I’m not. And opening this guide with that sentiment, it turns out, is devastatingly appropriate...

Head over to Puck Daddy to find out the rest, from B-Z.