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From the Branches: Hats on the grass

Baseball has hat tricks? Toronto baseball does!

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Let's get the "poor tanking Tigers" stuff out of the way first. I went to the (unfortunately named) site Bless You Boys to figure out just what the hell was going on, and realized that things are not OK in Detroit. In the words of the poor blogger assigned to watch the game,

The world requires witnesses and today I was witness to Detroit's grim baseball affair. While many people traveled, spent time with loved ones, watched other sports, shopped, exercised, drank beer, went fishing, took a boat ride and took part in any of the endless activities we have created to erase boredom and fill our lives with meaning, I bore witness to the Tigers playing baseball. Though it was difficult, I did not avert my eyes; I fixed my gaze on the abyss.


Eventually the seventh inning ended and eventually the game itself even stopped happening. The dust settled and the Blue Jays walked away victorious. If you did not watch this game I envy you. It was poorly played, rife with mental errors and Jim Price told me that we Tiger fans should feel disappointed.

Don't you feel for this poor human? I feel for this poor human.

Now that I've shown compassion, I'm going to move on to wallowing in the tears of our enemies.

Blue Jays News

I was totally going to make this section about "famous historic massacres," but my good taste got the better of me.

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