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From the Branches: It's (still) August

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. It's my last day of summer classes! I'm free!!! Anyway, there's not much going on, as you might have guessed, so the links are pretty sparse today. Oh also, Travis Dermott was in action last night at World Juniors camp playing against Russia. Marner and other camp invitees are in action tonight against the Czech Republic at 7 p.m. tonight.

Leafs links:

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: 2013 Off-season In Review | Pension Plan Puppets

Our T25U25 series continues. Get ready for Monday (when #25 on the list is revealed) with these look backs and second opinions.

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: A Second Opinion on Garret Sparks | Pension Plan Puppets

Dale Hunter discusses Mitch Marner, J.J. Piccinich’s commitment to London | Maple Leafs Hot Stove

Other news:

Washington Capitals’ old boards get new home at D.C.’s Fort Dupont rink | TheColorOfHockey

Did you know that D.C. only has one rink?

Get Josh Ho-Sang the hell out of Canada right this minute | Lighthouse Hockey

Washington Capitals: Ten Facts to Impress Your Friends | Japers' Rink

Do you want to impress your friends by citing random hockey facts? Then this is the link for you!

Bryan Murray Knows How To Get A Bargain | Silver Seven

Three New Jersey Numbers: Mike Cammalleri Will Be First to Wear #13 for Devils | In Lou We Trust

The guy who ran a team called the Devils for 28 years is incredibly superstitious. Who knew?

NWHL news:

The NWHL unveiled some merchandise yesterday over at their website so be sure to check that out. I, personally, have decided have decided to cheer for the Riveters because of their cool name and logo. Also because they're not Boston.

The NWHL: Answers Regarding Ownership, Contracts, and the Player’s Association | Ash on Ice

As well, here's some good stuff about the organizational structure of the NWHL. Sounds like they're making some good decisions, really great to hear.