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A Short Chat With Tyler Biggs

The former Leafs' prospect was happy to chat

Nick Laham/Getty Images

After the Pittsburgh Penguins' first rookie game, I managed to find a few minutes to chat with former Leafs prospect Tyler Biggs to ask him about the transition between the two organizations. What follows is a transcript of the chat we had:

I'd like to ask you about the transition between the Leafs' and the Pens' organizations. Are there any differences in their expectations of you and your development at all?

You know ... I mean, that's a tough question, I think. For us players, I think we're just trying to crack a lineup. I think we're just taking it day by day and doing the best we can. You can read into things and think that things are negative or think things are positive, but I think [this] would be a question for both of the [team] staffs.

But you haven't noticed any change in any of the...


Yeah, sure.

Um, I mean, maybe, yeah [laughs], I think, to be honest, I think there might be a little bit more opportunity for me [in Pittsburgh], I'm just taking it one day at a time and, you know, just focusing. Obviously, training camp is a long process, so I came in and wanted to be in the best shape I possibly could, especially after an injury. And now I'm just trying to make the most of the opportunity to get into games.

So there hasn't been a big change in your training regimen or diet or anything else they want you to focus on?

Um, I think as far as diet and training, me coming off my injury, I think that was huge. You know, we're very very fortunate. We have Andy O'Brien and Gary Roberts, you know, two of the best in the game, so uh, to follow their training and their diet program, um, is actually a lot easier for me to lose weight and be ready for training camp and be in the best physical shape possible.

So were you sad to be leaving Toronto or are you looking forward to new things?

[Laughs] Uh, well, I think I'm excited for being in Pittsburgh, it's a great organization, and I can't wait to get this season started.

A couple of observations:

Biggs is probably right to think that there will be more opportunity for him in Pittsburgh. Their prospect depth at forward is thin, even if at the NHL level, they have a few big stars. His injury certainly was certainly a tough one to overcome, and we wish him all the best in Pittsburgh.