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PPP's Top 25 Under 25: Have your say - The Final Round

This is your chance to rank the best of the best under 25.

"I think Cody Donaghey is number 1."
"I think Cody Donaghey is number 1."
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Our Top 25 Under 25 may be over, but you can still have your say! Commentor voting for the 20 - 6 positions closed yesterday with some... peculiar results. Given it's my contest, and I can do whatever I want, I am spontaneously changing the rules so that the five players with the most up-votes move on to the final round. Sorry, but Hyman can only win once.

This means the following 5 players made it to round 3: Kapanen (+909), Brown (+780), Marincin, (+671), Holland (+665), and Johnson (+660).  This is the same as our own rankings except Dick Panik is out, replaced by Andreas Johnson.

Think a player is ranked too high? Vote them down. Think a player is too low? Vote them up. You can skip a player to leave them where they are.

NB: The list is embedded from a template which updates with newly recorded votes about every 5 minutes. If you refresh the page before the update, you may not see your votes tallied. Just wait and come back a few minutes later.

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