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From the Branches: Brouillard impresses in preseason loss

Brouillard tallies two alongside Rodewald and July in 6-4 Habs win.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Yesterday was exciting, and everything is finally happening again. The preseason started! Here's some bonafide hockey news! JP Nikota totally killed it yesterday with his coverage -- thanks, JP.

Leafs News

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Rumor: I heard through my reporter BFF Don Money that GARRET SPARKS is dressing for tonight's game! We'll see if this rumor pans out.

Why did I use Phaneuf's face above? It's because I just read Puck Daddy's article from Media Day. Not only did Wyshynski cite PPP, he also mentioned that Phaneuf has a case of "Resting Bitch Face." This describes him ... pretty well, actually, and it's not a bad trait at all in a C. Anyway, here are a few relevant parts:

6. Speaking Of Hot Dogs James van Riemsdyk said he’ll miss Phil Kessel, who was a close friend. We asked him if he ever visited the hog dog stand that Phil allegedly visited each day [he links to PPP's article]. "That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen," he said of the Steve Simmons anecdote. "I didn’t really appreciate what was written there."


We asked Dion Phaneuf if he ever got tired of skating up to the camera and staring into it ferociously, and he said he didn’t. That’s before we realized that "ferocious" meant "Dion’s resting [expletive] face," so he never really needed to exert himself.

Other News

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