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Evidence bag tampered with in Patrick Kane investigation, lawyer says

Content warning for talk about sexual assault and truly deplorable, revolting behavior.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Thomas Eoannou, the attorney representing the woman who claims to have been raped by Patrick Kane, held a press conference today, where he reported that the evidence bag containing a rape kit had been unsealed and anonymously delivered to the victim's mother's home.

The bag includes the name of the victim, her date of birth, and the initials of the nurse that performed the exam, according to Eoannou. A photo of the bag has been made available here.

Eoannou expressed his shock. "I have never seen an evidence bag outside a police lab, courtroom or legal office, let alone in the door way of a rape victim's home," he said.

Eoannou left open the possibility that the anonymous individual who left the bag at the victim's mother's home was attempting to shed light on the situation, acting as a whistleblower. He asked for the unknown individual to come forward to talk about how "on earth this could have happened," and "thank them."

The victim's attorney went to "great lengths to conform authenticity of the evidence bag," and verified that "this is no hoax."

Eoannou hopes news of the tampering will lead to an investigation by a third party, so they can "get to the bottom of this and who had incentive to modify and tamper with evidence." Eoannou also took time to note efforts to "try this case in the media," citing numerous leaks to the press about DNA evidence, and said the "victim bashing is atrocious. It has been absolutely devastating to [his] client." She, however, "has always been determined" and "remains determined."

Kane's attorney, Paul Cambria, downplayed the claim and said that his client is innocent.

The Hamburg Police Department, which has been responsible for the investigation, says it will cooperate with any authorized investigation into Eoannou's claims, but also that they possess "documentation that unequivocally demonstrates that its handling of the evidence and the integrity of its chain of custody of evidence in this case is unassailable."

It is unclear where this will lead. At this point, Kane remains in training camp with the Blackhawks.

Thanks to the Buffalo News' Tim Graham, @ByTimGraham, and Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St. Clair, @StacyStClair, who were faster than I was when it came to collecting quotes.