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There's "a lot of cocaine" in the NHL, Viktor Loov tells Swedish news

In a discussion with LT, a Swedish news outlet, Leafs prospect Viktor Loov spoke about substance abuse in the NHL and AHL.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a conversation with a Swedish news outlet published Friday, Leafs prospect Viktor Loov commented on cocaine and drug abuse in professional hockey leagues in North America.

The following is translated by Patrik B of SB Nation's Canadiens-affiliate site, Eyes On The Prize.

In the NHL there is a lot of cocaine. There is bound to be some in the AHL as well.

The surprisingly candid statement was made in an interview with LT, based in Södertälje, which is Loov's hometown. Loov went on to add that he has not seen any of his Marlies teammates partake in the drug.

I have not seen anything, no teammate from what I know.

When pressed to confirm his accusation, Loov reaffirmed his previous claim.

Sure this is how the talk is, but I am certain it's not just talk. There are players everywhere who do it. If you have money you probably have easy access. Then there is the attitude over there compared to Sweden. Not with cocaine maybe but with hash (cannabis) and stuff you smoke, that is something you encounter everywhere.

Loov also commented on drinking in the league.

I have not been out at the bar scene over there, but some players are out during whenever. It can be the evening before a game.

The NHL isn't spending much time addressing the situation, according to Loov.

They probably don't want to talk about it, it's doesn't belong to sports to do stuff like that. But I have the feeling the NHL doesn't take this seriously, they dont do much. They do doping tests, I was tested like three times last season, one (Brad Ross) on the team was caught and was suspended for 20 games.

You can find the original story, published in Swedish, on LT's website.