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From the Branches: Dark days for the rebellion

But there is a new hope.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Both my teams lost last night, but it's preseason, so I'll just say "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" and hope it's a life lesson for all the people involved. I enjoyed watching Kraft Hockeyville, especially because they cited a lot of Slapshot in the production. I didn't enjoy watching the Sabres pummel the Leafs, but Will Nye had some jump, and it's great to see him listen to Babcock and Bring It.

In the words of George Lucas:

It is a period of rebuilding. New players, striking from a hidden part of the ice,

have won the trust of their coach against the evil other team.

During the battle, these players managed to make the original team look kind of shitty,

but hope bodes well for the future.

Pursued by the entire Toronto press, Princess Nylander races home aboard his chartered jet,

custodian of the future of the Maple Leafs that can save his people

and restore good hockey to the GTA....

Leafs News

Pre-Sabres 4, Pre-Leafs 0 | PPP
"The lineup the Leafs chose to ice tonight was probably pretty close to the overall ability that they will offer on a regular basis during the regular season, and being out-played this badly by a similarly-equipped Sabres preseason squad doesn't bode well. Of course, the team will probably come together and be better than this on many nights, especially after Babcock works with them for a while, but still. I think we are in for a dark season."

Goaltenders Asmundson and Massa agree to terms with Orlando, attend Marlies camp | PPP
Riddle me this. Ten potential Solar Bears, including all three of the goaltenders and the coach, will be in Newfoundland playing a game Thursday night. They have to fly to Orlando by the start of training camp, 10:45 AM Friday. Possible?

CWHL makes several huge announcements | PPP
"From news of new branding and jerseys, to the news of the 2016 All-Star game, there's plenty to get you hyped for the 2015-2016 CWHL season."

The Barely a Maple Leaf All-Star Team - Pension Plan Puppets
Down Goes Brown approved!

Eric Francis surprised Maple Leafs cut Curtis Glencross | Sportsnet

2015-16 season preview: Toronto Maple Leafs | ESPN
"In truth, no one is expecting much from the Maple Leafs again this season, and that's exactly how the team wants it."

Leafs hopeful Clune 'gives other guys courage': Babcock | Toronto Sun warning

Jack Eichel, Sabres hopeful, shows off elite speed vs. Leafs | CBC
I mean. I guess there's this side to the story.

Other News

Blue Jays’ magic number down to 1 after Yankees’ loss to Red Sox | Sportsnet

Home of cult classic "Slap Shot" revels in NHL spotlight | Washington Post

NHL odds: Sidney Crosby favored for Hart Trophy, McDavid for Calder | CBS

Matthews' smooth transition earns him top rating | NHL

2015-16 NHL Preview, Part 1: The Bottom-Feeders | Grantland

NHL Central Scouting Preliminary Players to Watch List: College Players, Recruits Featured Prominently | College Hockey

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