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From the Branches: Counting down the days

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Hey everyone. Not a whole lot of links today. And by not a whole lot, I mean that I have one link.

PPP's Top 25 Under 25: Have your say - Round 2! | Pension Plan Puppets

Think we got it wrong? Vote on players 6-20*!

In case you need a reminder, you gentle readers had Zach Hyman breaking onto the scene at #16 (after he missed making our ranking). He and the rest of the top five from Round 1 have been thrown in with the ten players we ranked in the past two weeks.

So, if you want to get oral about how inaccurate our rankings are, now's your chance. I just hope this voting won't tear the community apart**. If you're clamming up at all this responsibility, take a breath before diving into the rankings.

*Disclaimer: our rankings are the correct one. This voting is just lip cervix.

**If you are muffed about my cunning linguistics this morning, remember, gentle reader, that it is your fault he came out on top last round. Don't let it happen again.

Oh, and a couple other Leafs related things: Leafs rookie tournament kicks off Friday against Ottawa. Most of Toronto's top prospects will be there. Notable non-attendees include Andreas Johnson, Jesper Lindgren, and Jeremy Bracco, whose seasons have already started.

Training camp starts just four days after the Rookie Tournament ends. Hockey season is almost here, folks.