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From the Branches: Labour Day edition

While you lazy bums are sleeping in, I am toiling away writing this FTB.

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

It's Labour Day: a day of rest; unless you work in retail in a designated tourist area, or work for free writing these FTBs.

It has been a quiet weekend for hockey news, probably the last before the pre-season ramps up in earnest. The rookie tournaments begin at the end of this week, and players report to training camps shortly after.

Babcock on coaching Leafs: 'It scares the crap out of you'
Here is Mike Zeisberger's interview with Mike Babcock. They talk about Kadri, Phaneuf, decision making, and the media.

Brian Burke, Calgary Flames march in Pride Parade -
Burke was grand marshal of the Calgary Pride Parade on Sunday. He was joined by Captain Mike Giordano and Matt Stajan.

Acquire All Nylanders

You may recall the Steelheads also brought in William's brother Alexander to play this season. I wonder if all three are living together in some sort of situation that would produce comedic results? Viktor Loov is always dropping by and mooching food, Lou Lamoriello is the cranky neighbour who doesn't like 'those unruly kids', and crazy Uncle Leo lives in the garage and is always getting into trouble.

If Republic of Doyle could run for six seasons I'm sure CBC would crank out at least 200 episodes of 'Full House of Nylanders'. Someone get Candace Cameron-Bure's agent on the phone. We could have her and Valeri make a cameo in the premier! And I better get producer credits!

The Top 25 Under 25 continues today with #5, Mitch Marner!

Happy Labour Day!