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From the Branches: It was not Rielly's helmet's fault

Seriously, Glenn Healy. It was not his lack of helmet that made the Leafs lose.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Glenn Healy spent some time at the end of the third blaming the lost game on Morgan Rielly's helmet. What happened? In the words of Buddha Hat, "He lost it in the corner, made a change then no stoppages until the goal. He can’t come on the ice without a helmet so they grabbed Corrado's and Leivo offered his, but Rielly didn’t bite."

And Species pointed this out: "Someone, not sure who, suggested he just get on the ice without helmet and deal with the consequences later. Isn’t that an instant bench minor?"

Buddha Hat elaborated on the rule: "If I interpret the rule correctly, Rielly could have come back on the ice with no lid at which point the referee is required to issue a warning. If he returned a second time he would receive a minor penalty."

Scrambles, in the GDT, had this wisdom: "Nonono. The odds of a goal resulting from Marincin instead of Rielly over one shift do not justify the risks of going out there with an ill-fitting helmet."

Sportsnet: It is what it is.

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