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NHL unveils new 2016 All-Star Game jerseys

At least there's no neon?

Today the NHL has released what most of their All-Star jerseys will look like. We didn't get any visual of the numbering but it will:

"feature numbers and letters designed as modern interpretations of traditional country music poster lettering, which has been a defining aesthetic of Nashville. The numbers for the on-ice versions of the All-Star jerseys also will have the same reflective material as the crest."

Are you ready for this?

Sigh. At least there isn't any neon...

The NHL took some generic practice jerseys, slapped some yellow for Nashville into the piping, and added "The tri-star mark, which appears in the neck gusset as well as on the pant, is a tribute to the Tennessee state flag and the Predators and a symbol of the elite athletes participating in the 2016 Honda NHL® All-Star festivities."

The NHL had this to say about the jerseys:

Each All-Star jersey features the official NHL Shield infused with the Predators' gold in the crest. For the on-ice version of the All-Star jersey, the crest has been constructed with reflective material which glimmers in certain light as a salute to Nashville's vibrant night-life scene. The black and white color scheme in each jersey shares the colors of the keys on a piano to celebrate the city of Nashville's "Music City" nickname.

"The 2016 Honda NHL® All-Star jersey pays tribute to the city of Nashville's cultural scene, which includes the Nashville Predators," said Brian Jennings, NHL Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. "With creative support from Reebok's design team, the jerseys reflect the deep bond the Predators have with the music community, the city's growing passion for hockey and the All-Star Game's showcase of the best players in the League."

Why are there only two sweaters for 4 teams? Why isn't each division getting a jersey just for them? Here's how it will go during the game:

"So black and white are playing, who's next?"

"Black and white"

"Didn't they just play?"


The NHL made a good decision to mix up the format, get people more excited, but they really blew it on the jerseys. Where the decision makers could have been as creative as they possibly could, they instead spent 5 minutes on the sweaters.

Each division could have been unique, something to stand out from each other. Instead it will look like a summer hockey camp scrimmage where they just got stock jerseys to keep costs down.

I bet this is punishment for voting in John Scott.