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Nobody Is Actually Worried About Auston Matthews

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A very short article.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Auston Matthews, Leafs’ franchise centre and star of our hearts, has not scored a goal in ten games!

Auston Matthews is in the top five players in the NHL in shots (tied with Alex Ovechkin.) He is in the top twenty in expected goals for. He is leading the Leafs in adjusted CF%, on a line with two other rookies. Even with his recent dry spell, he is on pace to clear 60 points. He stickhandles with effortless brilliance and is nearly impossible to take the puck from.

He turned 19 in September.

The only people in any way concerned about Auston Matthews not scoring are a) lousy sportswriters in search of a narrative b) Winnipeg fans who like Laine so much they wanted him to have been drafted by the Leafs instead.

These same groups of people will nod knowingly in four months about the fickle nature of Leafs fans and say: ”Remember how worried they got when Matthews went a few games without scoring? And now he’s going to win the Calder.”

Nobody is actually worried about Auston Matthews.

Thank you for your time.