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Game day thread: Florida Panthers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

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Welcome back Reimer! (You too Seth & Greg, I guess)

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Three former Maple Leafs take on 20 current Maple Leafs in a battle of....well a Northesque Division game in November. So the points matter, but, eh, it's the Panthers, so it should be fun to watch.

James Reimer is in net for the first time against the Maple Leafs. Greg McKegg takes to NHL ice in the ACC, something he never did as a Leafs prospect, and sEth Griffith is back which is good, because he left some stuff behind in his locker.

A weekday game against a southern team was never good, and now it's against three former Leafs. History is begging for the Panthers to destroy the Leafs, but it won't happen. Right?

Go Leafs Go!