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From The Branches: Toronto Beats Montreal

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Canadiens beat Maple Leafs, Furies beat Canadiennes

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Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Maple Leafs lost to the Canadiens in Montreal, a lackluster effort that was not helped by Matt Martin doing a Very Dumb Thing late in the third:

As if that wasn't bad enough, Alexei Emelin decided this was a perfectly appropriate way to end the game:

For a more thorough breakdown of last night's game, read Arvind's game recap.

In happier news, another Toronto team beat Montreal last night! The Furies defeated Les Canadiennes 2-1, with goals from Jenelle Kohanchuk and Kelly Terry. The Brampton Thunder also won their game against the Calgary Inferno, defending Clarkson Cup champions, so at least last night was a good night for women's hockey in the GTA. Look for recaps to be up soon.

Leafs News

Price stops 31 shots as Canadiens beat Leafs 2-1 - The Globe and Mail
Another take on last night's [shrug emoji] game

Toronto Maple Leafs: Nazem Kadri Should Be The Next Captain - Editor In Leaf
Have you ever wondered why people seem to really not like Toronto Maple Leafs pest Nazem Kadri? Let's talk about him being the captain.

Auston Matthews, Leafs maturing at exponential rate -
Playing against the Canadiens in Montreal is no longer a brand new thing for many players in Toronto’s room. And what was awe-inspiring at first is now becoming normal.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2017 Draft Watch: Nikita A. Popugaev - Editor In Leaf
In this installment of the 2017 Draft Watch, we take a look at a potential forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs: Nikita A. Popugaev.

Non-Leafs News

Goaltending Situation a Choice for Stars, Probably a Good One - Defending Big D
The Stars could find a ready guide in some celestial voice, but in choosing not to decide on goaltending, Jim Nill and Company still have made a choice.

Roadrunners game postponed after captain collapses on ice | Roadrunners |
Scary situation in the AHL, as Craig Cunningham of the Tucson Roadrunners collapses before the game.

Connor McDavid got his first NHL hat trick in the Oilers' 5-2 plastering of the Stars.

(Side note: Plastering the Stars sounds like a bad YA novel, doesn't it?)

Speaking of firsts, Drake Caggiula jumped right into things in his first NHL game with a great primary assist.

I will still spend the rest of the season confusing him with a Roman emperor. Sorry, kid.

The Bruins beat the Jets 4-1, and Noted Rat Person Brad Marchand scored a pretty decent goal:

In the absence of Duchene and Landeskog, Nate MacKinnon took matters into his own hands:

Women's Hockey News

In light of the NWHL drastically cutting players' salaries, I wanted to include a couple articles featuring statements from players impacted by the whole mess. If you care about women's hockey, they're worth reading.

Q&A with Madison Packer on the NWHL salary cuts and player response - Excelle Sports
New York Riveters forward Madison Packer explains the player response to Friday's news that the NWHL would be cutting player salaries.

From The Rafter: Survival of professional women's hockey hangs in the balance - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Under new salary cuts, womens' hockey players will have to choose between hockey and making rent.