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From the Branches: Senators have trouble filling seats

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How does “Jacksonville Sens” sound to you?

Minnesota Wild v Ottawa Senators

I'm sleepy so I take no responsibility for anything I say.


Josh Leivo is too injured to play in the NHL

Jeremy Bracco named OHL player of the week


Leafs, Wings unveil Centennial Classic sweaters | Icethetics
What's with metallics? First the poor Flyers with their 3 different shades of gold, and now this.

Pass or Fail: Toronto Maple Leafs 2017 Centennial Classic jersey | Puck Daddy
"The words ‘Honour, Pride and Courage’ stitched into the back of the neck of the sweater." Um. Great, but fans can't see that.

Babcock believes Leafs have more to give | TSN
After Monday's practice, Babcock was asked how this happens. Is this mindset something that is created organically over time? “No, we're going to force it to happen, obviously,” Babcock said.

Tyler Bozak embracing role as ‘dad figure’ on young Maple Leafs | Sportsnet
But he's so young! How could he be a dad at such a young age?!

Mike Babcock on improving on the road, fostering a winning mindset | MLHS
"Leivo’s back. We’d have liked him to play more games just because he missed so much. We’re going to practice him a bit to get him up to speed before he’s ready to go. He wouldn’t be cleared yet."

Other hockeys

The Devils Without Names | Battle of Cali
“Who are these dipshits?”
You ask, as your team limps
To a 1-1 shootout loss at the end of it all

Beware of the Carolina Hurricanes in 2016-17 If They Can Find a Hot Goaltender | Bleacher Report
All stories should be click-through slideshows.

I find Vigneault disturbingly attractive sometimes.

NHL essentially establishes ‘John Scott Rule’ for 2017 NHL All-Star Game fan vote | SBNation
How will we break it this time? I chatted with Ghost about this yesterday, and we came to the conclusion that hockey fans are a bunch of smartass kids trying to show the teacher that they hate being talked down to.

Down Goes Brown’s Weekend Wrap: The Mild West | Sportsnet
“Which conference is stronger” feels like a meaningless discussion but ok.

Senators' attendance nosedives amid troubled season | CBC
This is my “lure a team to the sunbelt” expression.

And freeze: Lightning dads do the Mannequin Challenge | Raw Charge
I especially like all the guys caught chugging beer.