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Game Preview: Maple Leafs vs New Jersey Devils: [Insert punny title here]

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[This is the dek where you entice readers to read your preview. Make it good.]

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs
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[I’m leaving an old Leafs/Devils preview here as an example, don’t forget to insert the new info and delete the crossed out stuff]

Second Half! A new season! A new beginning! A clean slate! The Toronto Maple Leafs are back in action against a familiar foe, a former playoff pain, the New Jersey Devils! Not a bad opponent to kick off the win streak and march towards the playoffs against. New Jersey is 14th 9th in the Eastern Conference, with a 17-22-8 9-6-3 record. Five points back Two points ahead of the Maple Leafs, who enter the second half of the season this new year against New Jersey with a 22-23-3 8-8-3 record.


7:30PM 7:00PM - Sportsnet, AM590

SBN: In Lou We Trust All About the Jersey

The Leafs: The Leafs entered the all-star break this game on a 6 1 game losing streak, having scored only 1 goals in those losses that loss 3 of those goals in a 4-3 loss ottawa to begin the break. Leo Komarov returns to the line up tonight, missed by the team and fans during his absence, it’s hard not to see these guys for 24 hours after a game but we also see injuries to team captain Dion Phaneuf (hand), forward Joffery Lupul (lower body), and defenseman Stephane Robidas (upper body). Stuart Percy looks to be scratched on defense because he was traded away and it's a safe assumption to say Bernier Enroth starts, since it’s a back to back.

The Devils: Scott Gomez rode an eight game point streak (9 points) into the all-star break retired, and is missed by the fans. The Devils last game was Jan 20th Nov 21st in San Jose, which they won 5-2 lost 4-0. To compare to the Leafs past 6, the Devils went 3-2-1 1-3-2 and were only shutout once. The Devils are missing Salvador, Clowe, Gionta, and Severson to injuries tonight because they are no longer on the team. Corey Schneider will start.

Last Game: The Devils and Leafs faced off in the ACC New Jersey on December 4th April 9. The Devils won the game 5-31 and clrk didn't have much to remember from the game, but left us with this accurate quote about the future:

The Leafs have no separation from the pack and a tenuous grasp on a playoff spot, and a road-heavy schedule on the horizon against many of the league's elite teams.

Way to be a downer in November clrk.

Final Thoughts: The All-Star break last night’s loss hasn't change my mind, I won't be watching the game myself. I'll be saving the bandwidth I'd use with Game Centre and go to good ol' public access cable to watch my IceDogs continue a 10 game point streak against Owen Sound taking my kid to hockey lessons and then working on my CHL team database, becaus eno one has bothered to make a sortable one before. A 6 1 game losing streak and games that frankly made me wonder if anyone at MLSE gives a shit about this season anymore are really fun to watch, has left me settled in a mood of "prove to me I should watch again" I’d like to see this, but I’ll miss most of it, and have nerd things to do. Maybe they'll do that tonight. Then again, maybe they'll gain some ground on a better lottery pick, they probably will because this is a really great team to watch.

[Don’t forget to post the lines dummy]

Lines will be added when they pop up, I wouldn’t expect much change from last night.

Oh except Corrado is playing!

That’s just a mean joke.