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PPP After Dark: Toronto Marlies @ Syracuse Turkey Comas

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PPP AD is back!

2007 NHL Entry Draft Portraits Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Toronto Marlies @ Syracuse Crunch

7:00 PM EST

The Marlies are back in Toronto tomorrow to play a matinee game at the Air Canada Centre!

ChrisHat is our lucky correspondent covering the game for you.

In the mean time, the Marlies play the Syracuse Crunch tonight. In case you didn’t know Acha, the Crunch are the AHL affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Leafs aren’t playing tonight but many other teams are... already. Literally there are already games in progress because it’s American non-metric Thanksgiving! The Rangers have already defeated the Flyers!

Here’s what else we wrote about today.

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TGIF. This is one week I’d like to forget!