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From the Branches: Cries from the press box

A lost voice calls out Frank-ly.

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Ottawa Senators v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs

This was practically an Allan Walsh-style cry for help:

Frank Corrado happy for Peter Holland but laments living ‘in no man’s land’ | The Athletic
“It’s frustrating now,” Corrado said. “When you don’t get to play for a month and a half, and you’ve played in one game all year, it takes its toll on you mentally… Yeah, you’re in the NHL. It’s not that the novelty has worn off; it’s just that it’s time to play. It’s time to have a career. I feel like the more I’m not playing, that’s food off my table. That’s kind of the way I see it right now.”

Leafs vs. Coyotes Recap: Revenge of the Dutchman | PPP
Yotes won.

Auston Matthews ready to play against boyhood idol |
"As Matthews was growing up going to Coyotes games, sleeping with posters of Doan and Daniel Briere on his bedroom walls, trying to imitate his favorite players on the ice, he was good enough to catch Doan's attention."

Puck Lists: 8 NHL teen rookies that scored like Laine, Matthews | Puck Daddy
"Let’s set the baseline here: Matthews is trailing a little bit in terms of goals per game, at 0.46 (what a bum!), which currently puts him on a pace for 38. The number of teens who put up at least that many goals per game and also broke 35 for the whole season — indicating they stayed healthy — is just eight. "

For Toronto Maple Leafs’ Star Young Forwards, a Reality Check | New York Times
“We try to be no different than a parent,” Toronto Coach Mike Babcock said. “Make them accountable and be supportive; help them get better every day. And then they have a huge part, too. They have to be all in, every day.”

How often are the Leafs up or down, and who is on the ice? | TLN
"I took every team's Time on Ice with the lead, tied, and trailing at 5 on 5 and split them into percentages. Here's what that looks like."

Catching up with ex-Maple Leafs | Toronto Star
"Michael Grabner, Jonathan Bernier have put up some good numbers with their new teams, but there's no sense of regret about the players who left."

Longtime NHL, Team USA coach Ron Wilson recovering from stroke | ESPN
He suffered the stroke last week. "I feel fine," he wrote. "In rehab now for a couple of weeks."

The League

Bob McKenzie’s rant on the Florida Panthers situation | MLHS
"Bob McKenzie laid down a mic-dropping rant on the Florida Panthers’ saga on Leafs Lunch on Thursday. Full transcription below."

Jaromir Jagr poised to pass Mark Messier on NHL points list | Associated Press
''When (Jagr) came into Pittsburgh he dazzled us with his power and his skill and his overall game,'' Messier said. ''Later on in his career he's kind of inspired us with his passion and dedication. He's played long enough to understand what the game means to him as a person and as a player.''

Dreams come true in first episode of EPIX series |
Amalie Benjamin, who used to just write about the Bruins and who now writes for, wrote about "Road to the NHL Outdoor Classics"

Are Oilers Risking Asset Mismanagement? | THW
“Could Chiarelli mean that the Oilers and Russell’s camp will start talking soon? Could he mean that once the season is done, they’ll have more serious talks? Could he mean that Edmonton will wait until they’ve dealt with the new Vegas team in whatever ways they need to, then look at putting pen to paper?”

Marek vs. Wyshinski vs. John Scott | Puck Daddy
“On Thursday, John Scott finally joined us for a wide-ranging discussion. We talked about the fan vote. We talked about the All-Star Game. We talked about his career, his fights, chasing Phil Kessel around the ice and his retirement plans. And we asked him, point blank, if he pretty much hates us.”

Canada's junior team preaches 'teamwork' in absence of stars | CBC
EXCUSE YOU there are a quite a few stars, they’re just Tampa Bay prospects.