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Jhonas Enroth placed on waivers by the Toronto Maple Leafs

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This must be ther first step in a move that will see someone else come in as the backup to Frederik Andersen.

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

First, the traditional reminder that waivers is not the same as a recycle bin. He may or may not be claimed, and if he isn't, he may or may not be sent to the Marlies. That's tomorrow's problem, however.

For today, we're left wondering what's going on. Was Jeff Glass that impressive in his two AHL starts? Do the Leafs have their eye on someone else and want the contract space so are hoping he's claimed? Or is this just step one in Karri Ramo joining the team?

When we figure it out, we'll tell you. For a review of the Leafs goaltending at all levels of their system, check out this article from the weekend.

Two stats to keep in mind. Enroth's save percentage this year is .872 and the Leafs have either 48 or 49 SPCs depending on how the Cowen buyout grievance plays out.

Added this to show what a standup guy Enroth is: