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From the Branches: Puppy Bowl weekend

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We have the most important part of the weekend covered.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The most important guide to this adorable event comes from SB Nation, because obviously our extended media family has all of our fantasy needs covered. "What's more important to you: A) watching cute puppies or B) DESTROYING your friends and family in fantasy sports? If the answer is A, go away. Only serious Fantasy Puppy Bowl players should read on."

The ultimate Fantasy Puppy Bowl guide, to help you dominate your friends at picking puppies

Well said.

Puppy Bowl

What Time Is the Puppy Bowl? | Wired
"YOU MAY HAVE some questions about the Puppy Bowl. Questions like, What time is the Puppy Bowl? What is the Puppy Bowl? How does the Puppy Bowl work? Who’s playing in the Puppy Bowl? What channel is the Puppy Bowl on?"

Puppy Bowl 2016 Preview: A Skunk Referee and Hot Cheerleader Chicks | Vanity Fair
It started with some fuzzy pups and a dream, and now includes sponsors, digital tie-ins, and silkie chickens. How the Puppy Bowl became a pop-culture landmark.

Puppy Bowl ref Dan Schachner talks chicken cheerleaders, tortoise streaker, and pooping pups | EW
"We have these two Chihuahuas that were incredible. They were insane. We had a lab retriever that scored three touchdowns. There was a springer-spaniel that was incredible. The Chihuahuas were superfast. And the shar-pei was an incredible defenseman."

Spoiler alert: Puppy Bowl theme might not be about puppies this year | Star Tribune
That's OK as long as they're cute.

OK back to HOCKEY

Canadian fans love the Maple Leafs | Toronto Sun
For only the second time in 99 years, the club will play four straight road games in the Great White North.

NHL Has Disrespected The Maple Leafs | THW
He mad.

Montreal Canadiens rumoured to be searching for a new coach | PPP
"The Montreal Canadiens are rumoured to be searching for a new coach. We know one that would be the perfect fit."

Mike Babcock one of the winningest coaches of 1000 NHL games | PPP

Marlies guaranteed to finish above .500 | PPP

Babcock addresses the concussion issue from Thursday | Maple Leafs

The dream is real: Flyers, Penguins to finally play outside ... twice? | BSH
"The Penguins are likely to host the Flyers in an outdoor game in 2017, perhaps the Winter Classic, and the following season Pittsburgh will return the favor with a game in Philadelphia."

Stars' Spezza out after going head-first into boards | Puck Daddy
"Spezza was injured in the second period Thursday night on a hit by Avalanche defenseman Francois Beauchemin after scoring earlier in Dallas' 4-3 overtime victory."

Willie Desjardins and the quest to make another postseason (Puck Daddy Interview) | PD
In his second year as an NHL head coach with the Vancouver Canucks, Desjardins has found his quest to keep his personal streak alive difficult.

Jersey Fouls of the Week: NHL All-Star edition | Puck Daddy
"The NHL All-Star Game was full of Jersey Fouls. If you walked through the Fan Fair at the Music City Center, there were many fans with different types of jersey fouls."

Five reasons NHL trade deadline could be uneventful | USA Today

Johnny Gaudreau continuing to prove doubters wrong | ESPN

Plaintiffs in NHL Concussion Case Now Count 105 Ex-Players | ABC News

NHL’s 10 all-time Russian greats | SI

My cat hates me for posting about puppies and is taking out her anger by climbing all over the computer while I'm trying to write this, and I'll take that as a sign that it's time to go back to bed. Good morning!