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From the Branches: Dion Phaneuf returns to Toronto

Guess who's coming to dinner.

Abelimages/Getty Images

He's back. In a Senators' jersey. People will cheer. People will boo. There will be a video tribute (sorry, Phil). Whatever. This will no doubt be hyped by the media, but it doesn't feel like a big deal at all, partly because both teams are so awful, but mostly because The Leafs feel like they have moved on to a totally new era. I'm looking forward to Nylander or Kapanen getting their first NHL goals tonight.

You know who else is coming to Toronto? The Solar Bears! The Bears are coming to Toronto next week to play the Brampton Beast (the Habs affiliate) for three games. It is the first time the Solar Bears have ever come here. The Beast were previously in the Central Hockey League, which merged into the ECHL for the start of this season.

Together with Eyes on The Prize we are planning some fun stuff to get everyone excited and rowdy about this first ever match-up. Stay tuned!

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