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Game Recap: Red Wings 3 at Maple Leafs 2

How do you write a recap when you're checked out? You crowd source! warning: just go read the paper for a proper recap from this point on.

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The best part of a strong commenting community, is the fact that once a comment is published, it becomes property of PPP Kitten Ranching, Pug Farming, and Quidditch Connoisseurs LLC and can be used for anything we damn well please.

So without further adieu, the PPP Community recap:

The pre-game time starts with lots of Go Leafs Go's and people cheering for Bob Cole, now, I like BobCole, but on GCL I started watching the Red Wings feed because screw HNiC until they fire Healy.

The game is pretty standard, as much as I can make out while I'm on the couch with children jumping on me through the first few minutes. Jake Gardiner takes 2 for tripped at 7:30 but the PK looks pretty good until the 9 minute mark when Brad Richards rips one from the faceoff dot and into the Leafs net.

We go to the GDT for reaction:

I totally forgot they had Brad Richards -  Acting the Fulemin

Man, do I ever have mixed feelings about this game. I’m happy and sad that Detroit just scored. Better start drinking. - ChrisFromParadise

Things keep going in the Red Wings favour, with some good shots and rebounds coming off Sparks.

Sparks is really not doing so hot. -  Acting the Fulemin
It’s a good thing his NHL career started on a high note, because I’m getting increasingly pessimistic it will be a long one. -  MrSmithy

The first period is coming to a close when Mike Green is left all alone on top of the gove side face off circle and just powers a lap shot past Sparks to give the Red Wings a 2-0 lead.

Well, this may not be a good night for us.  - Acting the Fulemin
Ah tis only 2-0! I’ve seen worse. - LatinHeat

A couple shots go back and forth and we get to intermission.

The second period the Leafs spend the first little bit taking shots and getting some blocked, but their work pays off when Colin Greening scores off an awesome play by Nylander, who takes the puck from behind the Wings net, skates around the entire zone before sending it at the net where Greening finishes things off.

Will Nye, the Magic Puck Guy.

That was a Modo goal. That’s the guy. -  KatyaKnappe
WILLIE NYE THE SCORING GUY - y There is no brigstew, only Z!
Oh and Colin Greening sat in the crease like a smart feller. -  KatyaKnappe

Shots and blocks, then five minutes later Kadri cross checks Glendening in front of the Leafs net.

He’s a bit of a punk but he’s our punk - Acting the Fulemin

The Red Wings get just a minute of PP time before Mike Green gets two for hooking. Neither team takes advantage of their advantage and we're at five on five until Jonathan Ericsson gets 2 for holding, but the Leafs don't capitalize on that either.

T.J. Brennan gets 2 for tripping, but nothing from Deteroits PP and we got to intermission, with the Red Wing sup 2-1.

At the 4 minute mark of the third Kyle Quincy scores Detroit's third goal.

Mr. Nylander was puck watching. All he had to do was pick up the trailer. Yeesh.-  Alexb746

The Leafs and Red Wings get matching minors, Ericsson for cross checking and Parenteau for slashing. As is the rules tonight, no one scores down a man. Shots and block, shots and blocks.

The GDT is quiet for sure, but hey it's game 76 of a losing season.

Sparks is pulled with 3 minutes left and it does the trick as Nylander makes it 3-2 Detroit.

That Kadri pass… -  Bruceki' 

Wonder which team has left its


net empty the most minutes this season. -  Leafyun

That would be it though, Detroit doesn't lose and the Leafs don't win.

Perfect game. Pretty goals. Decent D from all those AHLers. Colin Greening making people notice. And they lost! Bruins are out of a playoff spot! by KatyaKnappe

That was a sublime tanking performance. Go Detroit. Take out Ubernoober

Hi! You have the most fun blog on SB Nation! Always enjoy lurking here… by some laich it hot

That's a good place to end it.

Thanks for stopping by.