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From the Branches: Staying Alive

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Happy Friday! Here are some links. (I was in bed ready to go to sleep when I realized I was on FTB duty so this one's going to be brief).

Leafs News


The Toronto Marlies top five over 25 | Pension Plan Puppets

Last night's games

Eight teams were in action last night, two of them (Detroit and Chicago) were facing down elimination.

Tampa Bay (1), Detroit (0)

Lightning Strikes - Evaluating The Changes Made To Tampa's Powerplay | Winging It In Motown

Really great analysis of Tampa Bay's powerplay sans Stamkos.

Game recaps: Raw Charge | Winging It In Motown

Anaheim (4), Nashville (1); series tied 2-2

Game recaps: On the Forecheck

Pittsburgh (5), New York (0); PIT leads 3-1

Game recaps: PensBurghBlueshirt Banter

Chicago (4), St. Louis (3); STL leads 3-2

Chicago just won this one in OT. Gross.

Other things

Nashville Predators Sign Forward Adam Payerl to a 1 Year, Two-Way Contract | On the Forecheck

The Preds just signed someone, I guess.

2016 NHL Draft Prospect Profile - Alexander Nylander | The Cannon

The Cannon takes a look at Baby Nylander.

The Last Ten Years Of Oilers Hockey, How Bad Was It? | The Copper & Blue

Everyone come laugh about the Oilers with me.

NWHL faces lawsuit from founding investor, imperiling second season | Excelle Sports

Not trying to bury the lede here ore anything (congrats on reading down this far!), but yeah, this is happening, I guess. The NWHL may or may not be getting sued depending on whether or not they pay back an investor who wants to back out...There's a lot in this report and you should absolutely go read the entire thing but here's an excerpt:

A source familiar with Rylan’s approach to the impending lawsuit told Excelle Sports that the league front office has been preparing for it since the letter was initially sent in March. This source said Rylan believes the lawsuit is part of a pattern of harassment from Moran, and the final step in a personal vendetta against her.

The source said Rylan was concerned enough about her safety to file restraining orders against Moran and another former employee of the league. Excelle Sports could not confirm if any protective orders had been filed, and Rylan declined to provide any evidence of those orders.