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From the Branches: The world is a vast pit of despair

Why bother?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your links, try to enjoy them before it's all over.

What the Marlies need to address in order to turn around their series | The LeafsNation
Oh, right, did you know the Marlies are losing their series?

The Flyers just gave Bobby Clarke's number to Justin Bieber - Broad Street Hockey
No respect for their own history

Sharks vs. Predators Game 6: Sharks fail to clinch series, fall in overtime - Fear The Fin
Sharks are choking again.

Round 2, Game 6 Recap: Raw Bacon - St. Louis Game Time
Oh look, the Blues lost their game, letting Dallas push it to 7

And as the day goes on we all get one more step closer to the end.