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PPP After Dark: Sharks and Devils and Predators, oh my!

The Marlies are hunting for a crucial victory while the Sharks and Predators try to advance to the conference finals.

Christopher Bonin

With the series tied, and tonight the last game in Albany, the Marlies would benefit greatly from another win tonight. I hope to see many of you at Game 6 Saturday afternoon!

Toronto Marlies @ Albany Devils
7:00 PM EDT
Leafs TV and TSN 1050

ICYMI:the dipshit who sent Andreas Johnson to the hospital was suspended 10 games by the AHL.

Dan Kelly receives 10 game suspension for hit on Andreas Johnson
It's not the longest suspension given for an illegal check to the head this season, but it's close. It's also not the first suspension for Dan Kelly, or for the Albany Devils.

Nashville Predators @ San Jose Sharks
9:00 PM EDT

I am sure anyone in the east who is staying up for this game hopes it is not a blowout like last night's Blues-Stars battle. Sure, last night's game was really fun to watch, at least at the start. By the end of the second period was more of a car wreck that you slow down to look at while simultaneously cursing everyone else for slowing down to look at because you have places to go and dry cleaning to pick up and the liquor store closes at 9:00 because WHY? And OMG COME ON JUST DRIVE!

So let's have a really good hockey game tonight.

FULL DISCLOSURE: No way in hell I will be able to stay up until the Shorks game is over.