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Pension Plan Puppets featured on episode of Hockey Wives

Who'd a thunk it?

Backstory: A few months ago, Katya got an email that she believed was phishing for personal or site information. "Do you mind if we use your PPP article in an episode of Hockey Wives?" The email asked, more or less.

Concerned, Katya brought it up to the rest of the room, wondering out loud if someone was scamming us. What followed was a flurry of fact-checking and research, as El Seldo used his media connections to check the email address -- yes, it was legit -- and Travis checked with legal, and Scott wrote a cautious email back.

One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were part of a Menacing Media Montage! (New name for the site? MMM?) In the video, a concerned hockey wife talks about trades, while on screen, there's a wide-angle shot of Toronto, and articles flashing over the city.

Taylor Winnik's voice is serious as she speaks, reminding us that there's a human and a family behind every headline: "There's been a lot of trade rumours going around and I know that Dan (Winnik) and Jonathan (Bernier) have been mentioned in a few articles. I feel like a majority of the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the chopping block at any moment."

She was definitely prescient.

KatyaKnappe's article from January 14th shows up, as promised, about three minutes into the episode.

Shawn Matthias: Trade him or keep him? Time to decide

It's nearly that time of the year again! The Leap Day Trade Deadline is fast approaching, and it's time to endlessly speculate about deadline deals. Today it's Shawn Matthias under the microscope.

(What is that first article? The first article that flashes up is from a site called HNGN, some kind of news aggregator, as near as I can tell. "Toronto Maple Leafs: Daniel Winnik, Jonathan Bernier on Trade Block, Per Report," by a person named Cal Setar, who heavily cites an article by James Mirtle.)

You can watch the entire episode here if you like -- click "Episode 13" at the bottom, or it'll autoplay the latest episode.