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Marlies PPP Playoff Podcast

The crew sets up where the Marlies have been and where they're going in this one to get you ready for the upcoming series vs. the Hershey Bears.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Because things in Leafland are somewhat quiet these days, much of the focus in Toronto has turned towards the action that has been going down at Ricoh Coliseum, as the Toronto Marlies get set to take on the Hershey Bears tonight in the AHL's Eastern Conference Finals.

Joining me this time around was Scott Wheeler, Achariya, Chris Hatzitolisoazaidsis (sorry Chris!), and Species1967, a.k.a. Jonathan to recap, preview, and discuss what we can expect going forward for the Marlies.

There are two other things worth noting before jumping into this podcast: 1) we were a bunch of boneheads and forgot to mention Andreas Johnson's injury while discussing fallen Marlies, and 2) yes, Achariya's cat makes another appearance. I know you were all wondering whether we'd have a feline guest. Her cat Kali (pronounced "kah-ly") is scheduled to join us again next time to give us her take on the Leafs' draft strategy.

Again, a reminder that this podcast is available for download in addition to being on Soundcloud.