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From the Branches: Champions!

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well the hockey season is over folks. Now we have the draft coming up, a year of arguing over the expansion draft, and something is going to happen on July 1st....I"m  not sure what though.

Here are some links.

Cup Final

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Sidney Crosby Wins Conn Smythe Trophy - PensBurgh

Pascal Dupuis: 'I knew I was gonna be part of it' - PensBurgh

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Matt Murray goes from AHL starter to Stanley Cup champion | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Sympathy for the Sharks: Comparison to the 2006-07 Ottawa Senators - Silver Seven
Wow, comparing the Sharks to the Sens. Way to kick them when they're down.


Phil! - Pension Plan Puppets

What We Learned: Why Phil Kessel deserved the Conn Smythe | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Kessel's victory a moment of celebration, not regret | The LeafsNation

Other stuff, I guess other stuff was going on

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Toronto Maple Leafs: Is David Savard A Good Option? - Editor in Leaf

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Tampa Bay assistant coach Rick Bowness a rumored coaching candidate in Anaheim - Raw Charge

2006-2015 Re-Drafts: New Jersey Devils Picks vs. CSS Rankings - All About The Jersey

Help Fear the Fin donate to LGBT people affected by Orlando shooting - Fear The Fin