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Tuesday's FTB: The Offier Season

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No hockey for a while.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As the Pens luxuriate in the glow of victory, we're now into the true off-season where nobody in the NHL is playing, not just us.  The time of hockey has ended for the season.  Now is the time of banter and speculation.

In Case You Missed It

Acha: Orlando Pride Acha reflects on the awful attack in her city this weekend, and gives a call to action.

Scott: Final 2016 Draft Selection Order For All Seven Rounds Want to know who's picking 197th?  Our Glorious Leader's got you covered.  We have a lot of picks, about which we will have an enormous amount to say in the coming weeks.

Scott: PPP Bracket Challenge All hail Fallen Leafs, champion of the bracket.  Gunnar dominated amongst the masthead crowd.  I put my faith in the Capitals, so you can guess how that worked out.

Me: Insane Leafs Comparisons Come get a hideous look at my mental processes!

The Stanley Cup Finals, Etc.

DGB: The Better Team Won The Stanley Cup DGB shares his parting thoughts on the Final, Gordie Howe, and whatever the Panthers are up to.

Deadspin: What Will Phil Kessel Do On His Day With The Cup? I don't know, but as per adhocrocket's suggestion yesterday, Scott should use site funds to send me to cover it.  Come on, I'll do actual reporting and everything!  Like, a little bit.

Today's Slapshot: Pittsburgh Penguins Plan Parade For Wednesday I eagerly await the day when "plan the parade" isn't mockery, but an actual direction Lou gives to a terrified city hall functionary.

Fear The Fin: Answering Your San Jose Sharks Questions Gotta feel for the Sharks followers.  They, uh, they don't like Polak, for some reason.  In other news, Marleau's the big does-he-come-back question; the article suggests there might not be much of a market for him should the Sharks try to sell.

Copper And Blue: Dear Justin Schultz The Oilers fanbase has very complex feelings about Schultz winning the Cup.

Other NHL Stuff

Broad Street Hockey: 2017 Stanley Cup Odds The Penguins are favourites to repeat as champions (8/1) and we're favourites to repeat as not-champions (66/1.)  We ought to be near the bottom and part of it is governed by what will lure betting traffic, but I suspect we're going to finish above the Canucks next year unless someone loans Benning a brain.

St. Louis Game Time: Blues Hire Mike Yeo As Assistant Coach, Head Coach For 2017-18 Ken Hitchcock is slated to retire after 2016-17, so the Blues have taken the unusual step of both hiring a new assistant coach and anointing that coach Hitchcock's successor.  Perhaps more oddly, they picked a guy whose playoff appearances as a coach have all ended with his team being eliminated by the Blackhawks.  Isn't that what you finally managed to not do, guys?

Litter Box Cats: Breaking Down The New Duds, Part 4 - The Panther Shield Litter Box Cats are getting really detailed in their analysis of the Panthers' new aesthetic.  FWIW, I think the new shield looks awesome.

Finally, via Twitter: it looks like the Ducks have decided to replace the man they replaced Randy Carlyle with....with Randy Carlyle.

Don't worry, Ducks fans.  Dave Nonis is on hand for when Carlyle's coaching gets Bob Murray fired.

As always, feel free to add your own links.