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Phil Kessel bringing the cup to Toronto?

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BBQ at Phil’s!

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This morning Phil Kessel was (unfortunately for him) on the Dean Blundell show on Sportsnet 590, speaking with guest host Joey Vendetta, in Toronto prior to the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Parade.

Always a fan of the city of Toronto, even when things were at the bleakest for the Leafs, Phil keeps the city in a special place in his heart, and may make it the site of his special day:

JV: Phil, what are your plans when you get your 24 hours with the Cup?

PK: You know, I haven’t fully decided my plans. I have a lot of friends in Toronto. That’s kinda where I spent most of my time. I’d probably wind up bringing it back there. It’s something I haven’t fully decided. But I think there’s a good chance that it’ll happen.

Will we see a Dave Bolland-esque Stanley Cup parade in Toronto when Phil bring sit home? Knowing his philanthropic side, perhaps a fundraiser with a donation for a photo with the cup? Who knows what Phil would do with his time, but if he includes Toronto in it, well, all we can say is thank you.

If we may be so bold, Phil, we have a suggestion on a parade route: