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From the Branches: Sunday Sunday

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Here's your sunny summer Sunday links

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Marlies End-of-Year Player Grades for the 2015-16 Season - MLHS
The dust has now settled on a memorable Toronto Marlies season. Following up on the year-end season review, it’s time to reflect on individual performances.

Ken Holland’s Press Conference Confirms What We Knew, Sets Groundwork for Trading Pavel Datsyuk - Winging It In Motown
Holland spun things like a GM would in the aftermath of the Pavel Datsyuk decision

The Devils Should Trade for Datsyuk’s Contract - All About The Jersey
The Devils should make a deal for this expiring contract to pick up some extra assets from Detroit.

The rough ‘n tumble tale of Gordie Howe’s statue - Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Temporary pilgrims arrived last week with flowers, cards and curious fingers. They're still trickling in, touching Gordie Howe's upraised elbow and feeling the imagined heft of his bronze, unmoving stick. It's nice, this attention.

Gulutzan Looks Like the Right Guy to Push the Flames Forward - Matchsticks and Gasoline
The Flames have a new coach and he seems like the right fit.

Thoughts on a Potential Marc-Andre Fleury Trade - PensBurgh
A look at why trading Fleury makes sense and a potential landing spot and return for him.

The Sob and Wail - the two-line pass
This trash appeared in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s B-minus answer to our own hotel-hallway-liner USA Today. Be glad you didn’t get a print edition, because tear-dampened newsprint is really tough to read.