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From the Branches: Philing in the win column

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The Penguins take game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So the Sharks really need to start winning, eh? Maybe it's time for Reimer in net!

An how about that Phil!

How long until we get the "Phil is stealing goals from his teammates now." hot teaks?

Oh and WTF is Roman Polak doing here?

The OT goal

How a set face-off play for the Penguins led to Conor Sheary's OT goal in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final - PensBurgh
Sidney Crosby was the mastermind of the set play, specifically setting up what he wanted Kris Letang and Conor Sheary to do on the play, and they executed it to perfection.

Also, this happened:

Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks - SI
After an 18-year odyssey marked by playoff flops and unceremoniously stripped captaincy, Joe Thornton stayed true to his game and to San Jose.

Other News

Lawsuit raises serious questions about Karmanos, Hurricanes’ future - News & Observer
Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos sued by three adult sons over money borrowed from trust. Lawsuit alleges Karmanos used trust as collateral for loans and advances from ‘banks and the NHL’ to ‘support the Hurricanes’

Monsters erupt in third period, take Game 1 of Calder Cup Finals - The Cannon
Zaar scores two as Lake Erie beats Hershey 4-1 on the Bears' home ice

Farewell Old Chap, and be careful out there - Litter Box Cats
"Leaping Stanley" takes a final curtain call after 23 years

Amnesty International warns Brazil against human rights violations ahead of Rio Olympics - World - CBC News
Amnesty International calls on authorities in Brazil to respect human rights as it prepares to host this summer's Olympic Games, warning that recent major sporting events in the country have seen "violent and abusive" crackdowns by security personnel and limitations on freedom of speech.